Painting shows

EriK Black will create a unique live painting show for your event, creating a traditional painting in record time in front of your guests.

A tailor-made portrait in live painting

EriK BLACK performs in France and all over the world. Each show is unique, personalised and adapted to each venue.

A memorable event

Live painting is an animation that will leave a memorable impression on your audience. Watching a portrait or a new product take shape before your eyes thanks to Erik Black’s nimble brushstrokes is a magical sight indeed.

A personalised picture

For your painting show, you can choose the format of the canvas, the colours of the paint or add options to suit your event. By default, the artist works on a 150 x 170 cm canvas with white paint on a black frame for a speed painting performance.

Painting to suit your event

EriK Black creates portraits as well as many other works to suit all your evenings. Imagine, for example, your new product being unveiled in front of your associates in a breathtaking speed painting performance!

From private events to major international events

Unique shows all over the world

EriK BLACK gives live painting performances in France and all over the world. Each show is unique, personalised and adapted to the venue and the type of event.

A show tailored to your needs

The number of performances over the course of your evening, the format of the work painted, options during the live show – the artist will create a tailor-made show for your event to fully meet your expectations.

Performance to suit all events

From major events with VIPs to confidential private evenings, live painting is a show that appeals to everyone. In all cases, you’ll impress your audience, whatever the type of event (congress, seminar, gala, convention, anniversary, inauguration…).

Portrait of Simone Veil | EriK BLACK
Portfolio - Portrait Charlie Chaplin | EriK BLACK

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Glitter Portrait by EriK BLACK 04
Stromae 08 painting show | EriK BLACK

The artist’s values

Portrait Vincent VAN GOGH | EriK BLACK

A true picture

EriK Black has an eye for detail, and makes a point of painting true-to-life pictures. In the run-up to the event, you submit photos so that the artist can select the best, which he will then reproduce in live painting. He trains in advance to deliver a unique show of exceptional accuracy.

Creativity | EriK BLACK


For each of her works, the artist puts all her creativity, style and sensitivity at the service of your event. He creates a unique live painting, knows how to convey emotions to your guests and leaves you with a most original painting.

Portrait of Georges-BRASSENS | EriK BLACK

Respect and generosity

EriK Black works on every event with his characteristic generosity. He puts all his energy into helping you make your event a success. He respects all your requests, will guide you thanks to its years of experience, and the confidentiality of a private event remains its priority.



an average of 4 to 7 minutes per canvas

(for other durations – please contact us)


150 x 150 cm or 150 x 170 cm by default.

from 110 cm minimum to 200 cm – square or rectangle of 10 cm by 10 cm

Canvas Black / White paint

Personalised portrait(s) from photos

2 portraits simultaneously (on 1 canvas or 2 canvases)

Other graphics (product, facade, vehicle, animals, etc.)

Upside Down production

Other canvas and paint colours available

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