Live shows

From live painting to glitter tableaux, choose your show and enjoy a unique live performance for your public or private event.

Exceptional artistic entertainment

A show for every event

A glitter painting or speed painting performance is the perfect way to offer your guests an extraordinary experience that will be remembered and make your event unique.

An illustration just like you dreamed

Whatever show you dream up for your event, your guests will be able to see their chosen portrait come to life before their eyes as the artist’s confident brushstrokes unfold.

Your choices are at the heart of the creation

Choice of portrait or graphic design

To liven up your event, you and the artist can choose 1 or more creations from their catalogue or from your photos/theme to personalise your evening. EriK BLACK will guide you in your choice thanks to its know-how to deliver a high-quality performance on the big day.

The possibilities for live creations :

  • Celebrity portrait or graphic design in the catalogue
  • Personalised portrait or graphic design based on your photos
  • Creations based on a theme of your choice

Customised creations :
EriK BLACK chooses the ideal photo from the images on offer, to ensure the best possible final result. You can indicate which photo you prefer. The designer then creates a draft design for approval (with the option of touching it up until it is approved).

Formats and variations to suit your needs

The shows are produced on black canvases measuring 150 x 170 cm with white paint (speed painting) or silver glitter (glitter painting).
On request, you can work with EriK to define another square or rectangle format, other paint or glitter colours and other canvas background colours.

You can also personalise the work by affixing your company logo at the bottom of the canvas, for example.

A range of options for an event to suit your taste

EriK BLACK offers a wide range of options for your event: create an upside-down painting, paint two canvases simultaneously or draw two portraits on the same canvas…

Glitter Portrait | EriK BLACK

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Glitter Portrait by EriK BLACK 04
Show paillettes Johnny Halliday | EriK BLACK

The artist’s Great Shows

The portfolio - Michael Jackson glitter throw | EriK BLACK

Glitter shows

During a glitter show, the artist uses a special technique and paints the picture with glue. The guests watch as she moves her brushes – one in each hand – to the end of the painting. final bouquet where EriK projects a cloud of sequins to reveal the final work.

Albert Enstein 03 | EriK BLACK

Paint shows

EriK BLACK paints a portrait or other element live for your guests. In a speed painting performance, the artist takes just a few minutes to create a highly realistic painting.

Portrait of Calogero - Festival de Poupet | EriK BLACK

The stars live

Among the popular shows, EriK BLACK regularly paints celebrities live and in their presence. During these performances, he brings the personalities to life with his expertise. This allows you to honour or introduce a VIP guest to your event, to the delight of the spectators.

Live Painting Sur Scene Erik Black

A highlight for your event

Suspense to make an impression

The suspense of the final discovery is delivered through the glittering show. By using this technique, you’re sure to make a lasting impression.

Impressive performance

Admiring a painting created live in just a few minutes, or seeing someone’s face appear as a million sequins are thrown about, is bound to impress your audience…

A professional exchange to translate your desires

EriK BLACK will listen to you and find the ideal performance to make every event even more unique.

Beforehand, he is available to set up the best show according to your objectives and wishes. With his energy, he will be able to pass on all his passion to you during the creation of your work.

Our key figures

+ More than 2,200

That’s the number of live portraits EriK BLACK has made in 24 different countries during his artistic performances.


That’s the average number of seconds it takes EriK to create a glitter painting portrait live at an event. Less than 5 minutes, just long enough for a song.

150 x 170

This is the usual cm format for the canvases created live by performance artist EriK BLACK. 1.50 m x 1.70 m. A simple black canvas, a little glue and glitter, or paint the whole thing.

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