Glitter shows

Using glue and glitter, EriK BLACK paints portraits in a breathtaking live show, guaranteeing a surprise for your guests and a highlight for your event.

An exceptional sparkling show

A unique talent

With his confident brushstrokes, EriK BLACK is one of the pioneers of the Glitter Painting technique. Since 2008, he has been putting on unique live performances in this style, which involves painting with glue before throwing glitter to reveal the result.

A highlight for your event

A glitter show is very impressive to watch and inevitably offers a high point between expectation and emotion. Whether you’re introducing an important guest, launching a new product or paying tribute, this performance is ideal and will create the highlight you’re looking for.

Take part in the creation of your work

The choice of artwork format

For your animation, you can choose the format of your glitter painting from 120 cm upwards. The default canvases used are 150 x 170 cm, but you can select the canvas that best suits your event.

Options to suit your every need

With a whole host of options, from creating two portraits on the same canvas for a couple to choosing the colour of glitter used, you can opt for the performance that’s best suited to your evening.

A personalised artistic show

From an upside down performance where the work is done in reverse to the organisation of several events in the same evening, make your requests tailor-made.

Show paillettes Johnny Halliday | EriK BLACK

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Glitter Portrait by EriK BLACK 04
Al Pacino glitter show | EriK BLACK

The advantages of a glitter show

Glitter show portrait of Charlie Chaplin | EriK BLACK

The final surprise

From the suspense of the performance to the wonder of the glitter painting reveal, you’re sure to leave a lasting impression with this animation.

A unique work to offer | EriK BLACK

A unique work of art to give as a gift

At the end of the live performance, the work belongs to you. As well as the live entertainment and excitement, it’s a wonderful, personalised gift that you can give to the person of your choice.



an average of 4 to 7 minutes per canvas

(for other durations – please contact us)


150 x 150 cm or 150 x 170 cm by default.

from 110 cm minimum to 200 cm – square or rectangle of 10 cm by 10 cm

Canvas Black / Silver glitter

Personalised portrait(s) from photos

2 portraits simultaneously (on 1 canvas or 2 canvases)

Other graphics (product, facade, vehicle, animals, etc.)

Upside Down production

Other fabric and sequin colours available

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