" The 4th Canvases "

EriK BLACK PAINTING peintre performer glitter painting et speed painting tableau colle et paillettes spectacle international live glue gluing

Realization of the show " THE 4th CANVASES " is this day executed by less than 5 painters performance artist in the world!

That it’s realized in Glitter Painting or in Speed Painting, this performance is exceptional and astonishing.



Imagine 4 paintings of 100 x 100 cms arranged on stage.

EriK BLACK comes on stage and paints simultaneously 4 paintings with a disconcerting speed.

The public then thinks of attending live in the creation of abstract works.


It is only at the end of the show, after a few minutes only, that the painter gives up his brushes and gathers 4 paintings in the center of the stage like a puzzle.



At this moment, public, stunned, discovers that each of the paintings assembles perfectly to create one and the same portrait or graphics of 200 x 200 cms.



The effect of surprise is preserved until the last seconds by the show.



" THE 4th CANVASES " in Glitter Painting or Speed Painting is ideal for creations of portraits and even better adapted for logos and other graphics easy to identify.

variants and characteristics about the show with 4 canvases simultaneously by erik black