EriK BLACK is an international speed painter

ERIK BLACK - French live painter with glue and glitter

EriK BLACK invites you to discover his artistic universe.

A subtle mix of Glue, glitter, paint and dreams !


Erik is a French Artist. One of unusual Performer to realize its works with the Glitter  Painting technic for Live Painting shows. (Glue + Glitter cast)


While the performance of Speed Painting reveals the graphics according to the show, Glitter Painting allows to keep the public in breath during all the show. It’s only for the final, when EriK throws glitter on the canvas, that the public sees appearing the portrait or the graphics. This visual show is always very impressive. EriK BLACK stages each of his shows with original way and adapted to every event.


Live painting creation from a portrait of celebrity or personalized portrait on a big size canvas, in a few minutes only, always creates a very strong emotional impact on the public.


This performance of Glitter Painting can also be used to reveal your new logo, your new product, every type of graphics or still to rest your message graphically during your event.


The work realized in Glitter Painting or in Speed Painting becomes then a unique memory besides being an original and exceptional gift.

(You are the owner of the works at the end of the show -  see conditions)


EriK BLACK realizes his Glitter Painting or Speed Painting performance for all private events as for most important international events in France and all over the world.


EriK knows how to offer the unique show which answers your wait and likes meeting new challenges !


Welcome to EriK BLACK live painting’s universe

2012 Cannes Film Festival - Live painting portrait with glitter by EriK Black in front of Michelle Rodriguez - american actress
actress Michelle Rodriguez discovers her portrait painted live by Erik BLACK - 2012 Cannes Film Festival

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EriK also proposes to you the making of works to order in « THE STUDIO »