UV Painting with neon lights By EriK BLACK

EriK BLACK PAINTING peintre performer glitter painting et speed painting tableau colle et paillettes spectacle international live glue gluing

EriK BLACK presents you here a unique and original performance. He’s one of the only ones speed painter to realize this number today.


EriK worked out this show by bringing an original direction and by creating an imaginary character.


Allying Speed Painting or Glitter Painting always by keeping the Pop art style, the monochrome effect and the  shadows games, this performance uses the black light.


The place is plunged into a total darkness. Only are visible on stage : a pair of gloves, a jacket and a white hat.

Suddenly, clothes take life on an imaginary body, without legs and without face!!


This character takes then brushes and executes a work totally abstracted on a surface which seems to be invisible.

It is only at the end of the show that the character disappears then behind its work, 2 paintings which he realized gather and appears the portrait of a celebrity under the look stuns and the ovation of the spectators.



Creation of portraits is by far the most impressive, but it’s possible with the process of Speed Painting UV or Glitter Painting UV, to create every types of graphics.

(Logo, packaging, architectural element, draws an outline, diverse drawings)



Thanks to this new visual number, you give a unique dimension to your event or your private party.



Duration :

From 5 to 8 minutes per canvas


Sizes :

2 Canvas of 80 x 180 cms
Final size : 160 x 180 cms
(Other size on demande) 


Canvas : Black / Fluo Paint or Fluo Glitter
Variants :

- Personalized portrait according a photo
- Other color of paint or glitter
- Other graphics
- Adapted show                 



Contact :




Tél. +33 (0)2 41 55 11 01

ou   +33 (0)6 45 98 74 43





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