Live Speed painting

EriK BLACK PAINTING peintre performer glitter painting et speed painting tableau colle et paillettes spectacle international live glue gluing

This performance became more democratic during the 80s and comes true with numerous variants today.



EriK executes his work of Speed Painting in a few minutes and mostly in monochrome.

Always in the Pop art style, by playing with shadow and light, this time the portrait appears according to the performance.


It is possible with Speed Painting technique to create portraits of celebrities or personalized portraits according to photos. Logos, packagings, silhouettes or quite different graphics.


A performance of Speed Painting stays even today a strong moment during an event.



Duration :

From 4 to 7 minutes per canvas


Sizes :

120 x 120 cms - 150 x 150 cms
160 x 180 cms - 195 x 195 cms
(Other sizes on demande) 


Canvas : Black / White paint
Variantes :

- Personalized portrait according to photo
- Making Upside Down

- Other colors of canvas and glitter possible
- Other durations :
      Flash Effect (max 2 minutes per canvas)
      Longer Effect (+ de 7 minutes per canvas)
- Other graphics
- 2 portraits simultaneously